Portfolio Homes – Single – Family Residences:

1925 Constitution Loop – American Village (2450 sq ft)
3619 Jefferson Circle – American Village (2608 sq ft)
1625 Senate – American Village (3600 sq ft)
3517 Congress – American Village (3456 sq ft)
1708 Capitol Court – American Village (2900 sq ft)
3322 Mahogany – Brown Ranch ( 3600 sq ft)
3509 Congress – American Village (2900 sq ft)
3525 Congress – American Village (3200 sq ft)
2401 6000 Rd – Olathe, Co (1575 sq ft)
1247 Peppertree – Peppertree (1800 sq ft)
3502 Congress – American Village (2500 sq ft)
3232 Monte Vista Circle – Monte Vista (2900 sq ft)
1524 Windsor Way – Belle Haven (2675 sq ft)
1427 Windsor Way – Belle Haven (2400 sq ft)
1435 Windsor Way – Belle Haven (2750 sq ft)
3010 Belle Haven Way – Belle Haven (3700 sq ft)
1511 Windsor Way – Belle Haven (2350 sq ft)
1532 Windsor Way – Belle Haven (2950 sq ft)
15350 6260 Rd – Quail Creek (3300 sq ft)
66711 Otter Rd (2800 sq ft)

What our customers have to say:

” This was our first experience building a house. Jim and Fran led us patiently through each phase of the process: design, planning, and construction. They have an established network of expert craftsmen that seamlessly adhere to the construction timeline. The quality of work, attention to detail and dedication to their craft is commendable and truly respected.

Jim and Fran are a delight to work with and as honest as the day is long. They built a house beyond our expectations and within our budget. Without any reservation, we highly recommend Stott Construction for building your dream home. “

Kirk & Denise

” Scott Custom Homes built our fourth dream home. They build quality custom homes with beautiful and innovative touches while at the same time, keeping a close eye on the budget. Jim and Fran Scott are honest and easy to work with. They are eager to make your dreams a reality. “

The Millers

“Stott construction. Jim and Fran were wonderful. Very easy to work with. Keep us always up to date, when building my home. You need to be able to trust your builder when you’re 1200 miles away. Very honest and good value. Well built home, After 5 years in our home, we consider Jim and Fran our friends.”

~Mr. Mrs. Donald Hall