I have been going through photos to send to various friends of the progress. I’m so glad I took photos. They just bring tears to my eyes. We have to pinch ourselves that this is going to be our new home.

~Denise Bassett


Welcome to the start of your new home designed to fit your needs. With your thoughts, our layouts, and the right team, we will build the home of your dreams. Stott Custom Homes have been around since 2000 and has built over 1000 homes in more than three states. We are licensed with the Arizona Corporation Commision and have permission to do business in the state of Colorado.

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Custom Home by Stott Custom Homes
Custom Home by Stott Custom Homes
Stott Custom Homes in Montrose CO

Dear Homeowner,

“Congratulations! Your home has been nominated for one of the City’s annual Community Development Achievement Awards. As one of the top residential construction projects for 2013, your home represents the quality of work we encourage in our community.”

“Your home has been nominated based on the quality of construction and appearance.”

~Jennifer Spinelli
Assistant City Planner
Community Development Department
City of Montrose Stott Achievement Award